Workshop with Anna Kirah - Secrets of service and product design with people-centric approach: What you need to know to become successful?

The people-centric approach to product and service design is in actuality a strategic approach. In the workshop with Anna Kirah, which will be held on 15 November 2012 in Ljubljana at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Ljubljana, we will explore how this approach is accomplished and find out how we can apply anthropological knowledge and skills to make a switch to people-centric perspective, which enables design and development of new products and services as well as organisational change.

Would you like to meet the main experts of world scale from the field of business anthropology and help create the future of the field?

Ergo Institute organises expert meetings and conferences from the field of applied and business anthropology. Next year, we plan to organise a central European event integrating experts from around the world and presenting the guidelines of development within the field. We will thus help create opportunities for new co-operations between the academic sphere and the economy.

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