Business anthropology

Anthropologists are experts in people and their habits, their particular research approach enabling them an “inside” view on cultures. Business anthropology is a science that transfers into companies and other organisations anthropological research methods, particularly through participant observation and some other ethnographic approaches.

Business anthropology is significant in solving the following issues:

  • What consumers want? (Business anthropologists analyse users, customers, user-experience.) 
  • What is your competition like? (Business anthropologists explore the competition and/or competitive products.)
  • How should the company, service or product be adapted to unknown cultures? (Business anthropologists analyse foreign markets or new target groups and prepare strategies of service and product adaptation.)
  • How to bridge intercultural differences in a company? (Business anthropologists explore the cultural particularities of various groups within the company and find the best way for them to cooperate with each other.)
  • How to provide user-friendly products or services? (Business anthropologists participate in product and service development, paying regard to user experience and particularities of the cultural environments, which the products and services are intended for.)

In the USA and some other parts of the world, activities from the field of business anthropology have been integrated into companies successfully for more than 30 years, whereas in Europe this applicative science has been slowly developing. Ergo Institute is the first company in Slovenia and in the region, providing comprehensive solutions from the field of business anthropology.

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