Business internationalisation

When entering new markets we are constantly being faced with unknown cultures as well as different habits and ways of thinking. If cultural differences are ignored, they might prove fatal in establishing long-term contacts and acquiring business operations. Ergo Institute thus helps you understand better the habits and particularities of cultures around the world. We train you to be aware of cultural differences, and thus operate on foreign markets much more easily and successfully.

For a better understanding of cultures on foreign markets we provide:

  • Counselling to Slovenian companies when entering foreign markets,
  • Counselling to foreign companies when entering the Slovenian market, 
  • Counselling in mergers and acquisitions,
  • Counselling in the development and adaptations of products and services with regard to the culture in question, 
  • Training the employees to perform operations on a foreign market,
  • Development of Compare Culture – an integrated solution for intercultural business. The tool will enable the calculation of the cultural factor and preparation for doing business interculturally.

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