Product and service development

When developing products and services, one has to pay regard to the wishes and demands of individuals as well as their expectations and user experience. Our expert team therefore helps you develop new competitive products and services, as well as adapt your existing products, services and process to a new cultural environment.

We provide:

  • Planning and development of user-friendly products and services,
  • Co-operation with developers, designers and/or production in developing new products or services,
  • Co-operation with developers and designers in adapting products or services to a new cultural environment,
  • Co-operation with salespeople in selling adapted products or services in a new cultural environment,
  • Ethnographic research into and analyses of existing products and services,
  • Reviews of competitive products and services, their advantages and disadvantages,
  • Ethnographic research into and analyses of user experience, customer opinion and their praise and comments.

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