Intercultural trainings

The staff of Ergo Institute are aware that entering and operating in foreign markets is a demanding project that can only turn successful if cultural factors are considered, i.e. the habits of the local population and the way the consumers think. Our experts are therefore willing to help you solve the cultural challenges of your company.

We provide:

  • Trainings on cultural diversity,
  • Trainings on constructive approaches to solving intercultural challenges in companies and on foreign markets,
  • Trainings for employees to master intercultural cooperation,
  • Ethnographic research into cultural compatibility of companies with the target market,
  • Ethnographic analyses of foreign markets with special attention on cultural particularities,
  • Ethnographic research into and analyses of competition and client cultures,
  • Management of intercultural contacts and control of culture shocks,
  • Development of Compare Culture – an integrated solution for intercultural business. The tool will enable the calculation of the cultural factor and preparation for doing business interculturally.

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